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Penn Skate indoor skatepark & shop

Welcome to Penn Skate Indoor Skatepark in Allentown. Open 20 years in 2018!


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  • Open Monday February 18, 2019 11:00-4:00 & 4:30-9:30
  • Next Pinball Tournament will February 26, 2019. Registration begins at 6:30, tournament starts at 7:00. Admission is only $11 and event is sanctioned by the IFPA and you can track your results at IFPApinball.com.
  • BEGINNER CLASSES! Please call the park for info on how to sign up for scooter lessons! We also offer beginner classes for BMX, scooter, and skateboard!
  • Beginning November 1, 2015 Outside food will NOT be permitted at the park. We are expanding the menu to provide more choices. Drinks are still permitted
  • Skateboard, scooter and BMX classes
    We offer private classes to fit your schedule. Please call the park for further info. 610-437-2452

Message from the Owner Oct. 1 , 2018

Park Future


For several months I have been thinking about the present, and future of the park….. In this time I thought about my past, had discussions with my family, closest customers, and friends.  It’s been 20+ years and I have taken a dream and made it a reality and withstood the test of time! The park has grown to a size I never imagined with a life lessons and great people all along the way. I have given more time to this park then one could even imagine, and I have sacrificed as well. This is not to take away from all the help I have received over the years, no no no…. I am so grateful to have had the best locals a park can have, and a family who is always at my side! However, I am not getting any younger and I am struggling all the time to keep the park going and I need a solution before a decision gets forced. Before I continue this is NOT a farewell letter, I am NOT CLOSING the park! My concerns and thoughts are how I can improve the park, make it better, more efficient, and most important, self sustaining!! There has to be another reason why my park is still here besides “the last one standing”! I want to believe there is more to it, but why do I still struggle year after year? This has caused me to rethink my business plan to allow my customers to have a more enjoyable time without having to deal with the short falls. The park requires a lot of attention in the form of maintenance, new builds, customer comforts…. As I try to make things happen, it seems I always fall short. You may think I am doing nothing to improve the park but I am always working on something.  As I walk through the park I see a project in every corner, I see current projects, future projects, and projects that never made it off the paper. Its very frustrating to try very hard to seek out your potential, and never seem to get there! In my mind I have always tried to keep my prices as cheap as I possibly can to allow customers to come once a week, versus once every other….. Shop and snack bar prices as well…. I am sure you can agree it’s a great bang for the buck, and now its turned into, “You get what you pay for!” I am not ok with that, I am better then that, our customers deserve better then that, and as the last park around I am also not ok with, “this is what you got, take it or leave it!” Where did I go wrong?  What I didn’t account for is the maintaining the bottom line. My passion to keep my customers happy lead me away from the park to seek outside income, which took time away from the park, causing daily tasks here to pile up and on and on. This has caused a downward spiral that has gone out of control. “STOP! I DO NOT NEED A GOFUNDME! THAT’S NOT FOR THIS SITUATION” the solution must be sustaining! What I am trying to do is correct it before I am unable to. If people came to the park to ride or make shop purchases, it helps the park. How do I make that happen?  Its been suggested to take my slowest month and use that to gauge what I need to survive…. That would be a bad idea! What I am leaning towards is summer/winter rates. In the near future I will increase my park rate to generate more income for paid help during the busier months and to not only offset the slower months but  also to generate more income to the most important assets we have…. The ramps! Towards the end of the season I will lower the rate to make it more attractive for customers to come in the off months. For the record I have not increased my rates in over 10 years. Also to compare long term: When I opened the park in 1998 it was 10,000 sq ft, at $8, for 5 hours, we are now 30,000 sq ft, at $12, for 5 hours. That is a 300% increase in size for only a 50% increase in admission. Increasing my rates is something I do not like to do, as you can see in my history. However it is very much needed as everything else has increased to operate this business. I hope you will agree, and be supportive of my decision, and its results will decide if it was a good decision or not.