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Penn Skate indoor skatepark & shop

Welcome to Penn Skate Indoor Skatepark in Allentown. Open 21 years in 2019!

About Us


In the begining...

 Growing up in Allentown and having to travel to skate any type of indoor/private park it was always a dream to have my own skatepark. As a little ripper I would convert the local school yard into my own skatepark with ramps I built for everyone to ride.  After a few years of hard work and saving every penny I could I signed my lease when I was 21 years old! Keeping my full time job I was able to build up the park  and even expand within the first 5 years. 

Our first location we out grew int he first 10 years.

10 years in...

  At just over 10 years in business it was time for a change. Penn Skate had out grew the old ice cream freezer and we were on the hunt for new park. With very little time we settled on the building we are in now. The park move was something I will never do again! Shutting the park down and opening up 3 months later in a new location took everything I had, as well as my fellow riders that helped me.  

The HUGE task of putting it all back together!

2nd chapter

  Our 2nd facility was double what the 1st location was. We wre able to add more terrain and build more sport specific obstacles. At the creation of this page I am in business for over 20 years! In that time I have out lived the parks before me, and survived the ones after me and I am the oldest, and largest indoor park in the tri-state area! However its not just me that does it, its all the people behind the scenes, and the customers that enable me to make it all happen! Thanks for all your support!