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Growing up in Allentown and having to travel to skate any type of indoor/private park it was always a dream to have my own skatepark. As a little ripper I would convert the local school yard into my own skatepark for everyone to ride.

Me skating my favorite school yard

Who would have thought at the age of 21 I would sign a lease to get my own indoor park started! With a love and passion for skateboarding and the need for a park designed by riders it was a paradise. Here is some pics of what the park looked like.

At just over 10 years in business it was time for a change. Penn Skate had out grew the old ice cream freezer and we were on the hunt for new park. With very little time we settled on the building we are in now. The park move was something I will never do again! Shutting the park down and opening up 3 months later in a new location took everything I had, as well as my fellow riders that helped me.

At the creation of this page I am in business for over 17 years! In that time I have out lived the parks before me, and survived the ones after me and I am the oldest, and largest indoor park in the tri-state area! However its not just me that does it, its all the people behind the scenes, and the customers that enable me to make it all happen! Thanks for all your support!